Metis proud to make good Self drilling hollow rock bolts that make the industries we serve safer and more efficient

As a newer construction technology,Metis Self drilling hollow rock bolt is widely used in many fields.In return, it has won lots of
praise from our various clients.
Self drilling hollow rock bolts are used widely to improve the stability and load bearing characteristics of a rock mass. Often they are
used to stabilize relatively small blocks of rocks in cuttings, slopes and underground excavations such as tunnels, caverns and mines.
They can be used on their own or in conjunction with other support systems such as ground anchorages.
Metis has been a pioneer in the use of Self drilling hollow rock bolt to reinforce existing ground. Today,Metis is widely recognized as
the principal worldwide source for self drilling hollow rock bolt meeting the most demanding performance requirements.Metis is committed to deliver customers innovative solutions designed to improve safety, productivity and efficiency. Many customers speak highly of our products and service.
Metis is growing to be the most professional supplier among bolt manufacturers in geotechnical engineering and construction industries in
Asia. We are proud to make good products that make the industries we serve safer and more efficient.
Whether it’s anchor bolt,drill bit,etc,you can find it at Metis,custom orders based on your specifications no problem.We make it the way
you want it,you can rest assured that Metis’s anchor bolt product will perform as specified.

Metis has many advanced machines for manufacturing SDA systems

Metis has many advanced machines for SDA systems. Some of them are designed & developed by our ourselves. Now, we have applied for the
patent about our machines.We also have got the ISO & CE certificates now.So you can contact us to get reliable self drilling bolt
products.With its high quality and reliable service,our products have been sold at home and abroad.
Metis has been at the forefront of technical development in SDA systems. By combining innovative design with excellent manufacturing
standards, rigid quality management, a competitive pricing policy and an in-depth understanding of the self drilling bolt worldwide
market, we have developed a range of SDA bolt systems operated applicators to satisfy application needs from the private to the industrial
to the most sophisticated specialist markets.
SDA system – The anchorage technology plays an important role in project management, through the anchoring technology adoption which can
save the cost of project construction to a certain extent,shorten the construction cycle, also reduce some of the maintenance costs after
project completion.In addition, the anchoring technology also has significant effect in keeping
the edge slope and foundation pit stability and durability .

Many projects at home and abroad have proved that SDA bolts is efficient

Because of the differences of SDA bolts’ structure, the discrepancies of functional mechanism are big. Many projects at home and abroad have
proved that different SDA bolts have different supporting effect in different geological conditions. Reasonable supporting design and
detailed monitoring analysis can not only ensure project’s security and reliability, but also bring economic and social benefit.
Metis’s SDA bolts is a sort of anchor bolt that makes grouting and anchoring can be done simultaneously,it can also provide anexcellent
effect on various kinds of complex conditions,such as soft soils,loose rock,fractured zones and so on.
SDA bolts come with couplings, different types of bits, centralizers, nuts and anchor plates, and also several accessories for injection.Our
range of Self drilling anchor bolt has the following threads : R25, R32, R38, R51, T30,T40,T52 and T103, with several inside diameters.
Metis is a ISO 9001:2000 accredited Self drilling anchor bolt company that places emphasis on quality work and continuous improvements to its
products. A quality management system is in place to ensure that customers receive safe-to-use products and excellent value for their money.

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